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Bogdan Dziworski – Krzyz i topór AKA The Cross and the Axe (1972)

Krzyżtopór Castle in Ujazd plays the lead in this short film based on an idea by Stanisław Janicki. Dziworski managed to capture the appearance and atmosphere of the castle ruins in spectacular scenes and found an interesting solution for the commentary: The photographs are accompanied by a folk ballad about the castle’s history performed by the village choir from Iwaniska.

Elegiac documentary about Krzyżtopór Castle in the village of Ujazd, southern Poland. Built between ca. 1627 and 1644 by Krzysztof Ossoliński, it was occupied until 1770 when it was destroyed by the Russian army during the military actions against the army of the Bar Confederation. Nowadays, the castle is classified as a permanent ruin. The film is a powerful meditation on vanity and historical decline whose ghosts inhabit the ancient ruins. Modern times are really ridiculous compared to the magnificence of the destroyed fortress.

317MB | 14m 25s | 1280×720 | mkv



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