1971-1980Claude MulotCrimeDramaFrance

Claude Mulot – La saignée AKA The Contract (1971)

A French waiter living in New York City witnesses a murder and must go on the run from the police and the mob.

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★★★★ Watched by laird 09 Jun 2015

Boring English titles (The Contract or The Blood Letting). How about The Wrong Place at the Wrong Crime? This is a great man on the run movie that only blooms in its wickedness as it goes on for 83 way too short minutes. Ever get the feeling everyone is out to get you? This movie may prove stressful. Too bad we lost Claude Mulot to porn, because this movie and The Blood Rose show that he had the chops to be a legendary genre director. A muddy beatdown scene in this is a perfect showcase for his marrying of the brutal with the lyrical.

2.29GB | 1h 25m | 960×576 | mkv


Language:English and French

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