Drama1981-1990CanadaWilliam D. MacGillivray

William D. MacGillivray – Life Classes [+Extras] (1987)

The odyssey of a young Cape Breton woman as she moves to the big city (Halifax) and
supports herself after the birth of her illegitimate child by posing for college art classes,
on her way to becoming an artist in her own right.

Mary Cameron lives in Cape Breton, the northernmost part of the Canadian province of
Nova Scotia. There, she enjoys a warm relationship with an old woman she calls Nanny,
who regales her with stories of the Gaelic past. The rest of her time, when she isn’t
working at her father’s pharmacy, she completes “paint-by-numbers” artworks. On
discovering that she is pregnant by her ne’er do well boyfriend, she decides to go to
Halifax, the big city in the south, to have her baby. After giving birth, she starts modeling
for life-drawing classes and eventually picks up the skills of an artist herself. Soon, she
has become a successful artist and moves back to the house her friend Nanny left her to
fill an entirely new role in her community.

Extras Included:
– Feature length documentary “I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art” 83 minutes.
– Commentary track.

1.54GB | 1h 55m | 640×384 | avi




  1. Commentary is with writer/executive producer/director William D. MacGillivray and moderator/professor Darrell Varga of Historical and Critical Studies at NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

  2. Hello, the download file for Life Classes has been removed due to inactivity… could you please reupload it?

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