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Fernando E. Solanas – Los hijos de Fierro AKA Fierro’s Children (1978)

A lyrical, if Peronist adaptation of the José HernándezMartin Fierro (1872-9). One of the more essential Latin American films in my opinion.

Directed by Fernando Solanas, produced by Cine Liberación group , which openly appeared as the film arm of the Peronist movement , it is a militant and passionate film, but whose passion does not stop producing a remarkable analysis of the political period that goes from Peron’s fall to await his return from Spain. Solanas’s film is structured around a mix between the figure of Martin Fierro and that of Juan Domingo Perón , a mixture in which the verses of the poem, symbol of the wisdom of the Argentine gaucho, intersect with the word in Peron’s speeches . In this gesture of mimicry with the figure of Fierro, a wise man and adviser draws a characterization of Peron as natural political guide, something like a political father of the nation, only figure capable of routing for Argentina. Aesthetically abiding to documentary realism, it manifests an ideological and political consciousness so passionate, that at times the film seems a call for immediate action. Filmed in 1974, black and white, in conceptual continuity with “The Hour of the Furnaces” , considered one of the most important political films in movie history, is “Children of Iron” (or “The children of Peron “), one of the most lucid and complex reflections made by the Argentine film about their own history. This film was shot between 1972 and 1978, but was released only with the arrival of democracy in 1984, but by then three of the actors had died who participated in the film, including July Troxler , who was saved from the Leon Suarez slaughter in 1956 had died. Troxler died at the hands of Argentina Anti-Communist Alliance (AAA) on September 20, 1974. The film was interrupted during the military coup of 1976 and completed by Pino in exile in Paris.

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