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Yoshifumi Tsubota – Miyoko Asagaya kibun (2009)

From the Midnight Eye review by Tom Mes:

“Miyoko is as much a biopic of Shinichi Abe as it is an adaptation of his manga. Inevitably so, since the manga was, if the film is to believed, thoroughly autobiographical, describing the daily lives and romantic entanglements of Abe and his sensual wife Miyoko. Slaving away without much success at first, Abe hits the mother lode when he decides to make Miyoko not just the model for his heroines, but the heroine period. But after the first volume is published, complications ensue. The couple’s most private details are there in the pages of the magazine for all to see and follow.”

“First-time director Yoshifumi Tsubota directs with a sure hand, putting great care into evoking the early-70s setting, not so much through elaborate sets, but through emulating lighting and colour patterns from films from the period, without ever falling into ersatz kitsch. Convincing as a period piece, the film nevertheless feels entirely contemporary. Unlike the push-button nostalgia piece Always: Sunset on Third Street, Miyoko makes inventive use of CGI to visualise the increasingly erratic mind of Shinichi Abe, again using the original artist’s comicbook panels as examples.”

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