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Steven Soderbergh – Schizopolis (1996)

Steven Soderbergh’s 1996 film is a free-form satire with a broad range of targets, chief among which is the form itself. Shot guerilla-style between The Underneath and Out of Sight, Schizopolis is an uninhibited, stream-of-consciousness window into Soderbergh (in goofy dual starring roles here) at play, with all commercial considerations stripped away. This is what it looks like when a gifted Hollywood filmmaker makes a student film.

From Time Out London:
Soderbergh’s 1996 guerilla movie is perhaps the strangest film from the American indie scene to date. A surreal, eccentric comedy, its triptych narrative is so fragmented that it’s almost impossible to provide an accurate synopsis. Suffice to say it’s about sexual and professional intrigues in suburbia, with the main character (Soderbergh) becoming so paranoid about industrial espionage that he fails to notice his wife is having an affair with a dentist who’s his exact double. At first, the endless succession of wacky vignettes suggests there’s no plot whatsoever. Eventually, however, it becomes clear that, while satirical swipes are taken at male paranoia, corporate business politics, New Age philosophies, soap operatics and the American obsession with dental hygiene, this is really ‘about’ verbal and filmic language. Basically off-the-cuff, off-the-wall nonsense – and frequently very funny. –Geoff Andrew

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