1981-1990ArthouseDramaMary LambertUSA

Mary Lambert – Siesta (1987)

Claire (an American) wakes up in a terrible state at the end of a runway in Spain. As she tries to account for her state (blood-soaked and bruised), she has flashbacks from the past few days. She thinks she’s killed someone, but isn’t sure, and now she’s wandering the Spanish streets without money or a clear memory.

From Mary Lambert, director of a lot of Madonna and Janet Jackson music videos who was fired from directing Under the Cherry Moon when Prince wanted to take over midway through shooting (would’ve been a better movie if she’d been allowed to stay), watch Siesta for the big performances, silly accents on Gabriel Byrne and pre-Silence of the Lambs Jodie Foster, cameos by Grace Jones and Isabella Rossellini, and over-the-top symbolism.

1.41GB | 1h 32m | 714×576 | mkv



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