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Peter Dourountzis – Vaurien AKA Rascal (2020)

“A seductive and dangerous vagabond is the troubling protagonist of Peter Dourountzis’s first feature, a social thriller which has been awarded Cannes’ Official Selection.” ~Cineuropa

He’s a man who conceals his identity and who doesn’t have a home, a parka-clad vagabond who’s just been released from prison and who doesn’t think twice about worming his way, more or less intrusively, unashamedly and with ambivalent charm, into the interstices of other people’s conversations and lives, asking for small favours: a cigarette, a phone call, a bed for the night… But bad karma encircles this man, his shadowy side ready to burst forth at any moment…

3.76GB | 1h 39m | 1920×1040 | mkv


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