2021-2030Cécile DucrocqDramaFrance

Cécile Ducrocq – Une femme du monde AKA Her Way (2021)

“A mother who is determined to do whatever it takes to give her son the opportunities she never had… “

Marie (Laure Calamy) is a sex worker in Strasbourg making a decent living while supporting her son, Adrien (Nissam Renard), who was recently expelled from school. When Adrien gets accepted to a prestigious private cookery school, Marie is determined to raise the 9000€ for his tuition fees. She undertakes increasingly desperate measures to make the money including taking on work at a sex club over the German border and the film asks us to wonder how far Marie is willing to go to give her son a better life?

6.11GB | 1h 37m | 1920×800 | mkv


Subtitles:English,French (forced and for all dialogues)

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