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Jean-Gabriel Périot – Une jeunesse allemande (2015) (DVD)

La Fraction Armée Rouge (RAF), organisation terroriste d’extrême gauche, également surnommée « la bande à Baader » ou « groupe Baader-Meinhof », opère en Allemagne dans les années 70. Ses membres, qui croient en la force de l’image, expriment pourtant d’abord leur militantisme dans des actions artistiques, médiatiques et cinématographiques. Mais devant l’échec de leur portée, ils se radicalisent dans une lutte armée, jusqu’à commettre des attentats meurtriers qui contribueront au climat de violence sociale et politique durant « les années de plomb ».

“How did Meinhof, Baader, Meins, Hensslin and Mahler, all young German intellectuals born in the 1940s, end up planting bombs in the name of the Red Army Fraction (RAF)? How does a democracy create “enemies of democracy”, a term used by Helmut Kohl in a speech to describe the RAF? The film—a French edit, so to speak—proffers an answer in images and sound. Keeping to visual and sound archives, Jean-Gabriel Périot retraces the history of a radicalisation and its reception by the media. Ulrike Meinhof, introduced as a “student of education and chief editor of the review, Konkret” at a TV debate in the late 1960s, sharply replies to the host of another programme: “Analyse your own problems inside television rather than appropriating ours.” Establishing a tension between the elliptic nature of a compilation film and the ideological precision, if not rigidity, of the discussions, the film suggests that the bloody repression of the far-left demonstrations stems from the refusal of the generation born before 1914 to look into the uncompromising mirror held up to them by the following generation. “Our parents lost their credibility by identifying themselves with Nazism”, said Meinhof in a debate before opting for violence. The form chosen here clearly shows how the escalation of violence between two increasingly uncompromising entities played out. (Charlotte Garson)”

DVD Source: Films boutique, R2, DVD
DVD Format: PAL
DVD Audio: German & French AC3 2.0
Program: Ripit
Menus: Untouched
Video: Untouched
Audio: Untouched
DVD extras: Untouched


Language(s):German, French (one single track)
Subtitles:French hardcoded

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