1971-1980ArthouseExperimentalFrancePierre Clémenti

Pierre Clémenti – New Old (1979)

“Chronicles of the Present Times” – An experimental trilogy comprising ‘Visa De Censure No.X’, ‘Livre De Famille’ and ‘Anima Mundi’. New Old flows together footage from more than a decade of his wandering between scenes, sets, and drugs, an accelerated world tour through various iterations of the counterculture.

Letterboxd review
★★★★½ Watched by Sarah 29 Mar 2022
Don’t know where to separate the three films that make up New Old, but do you really need to? Hyperaesthetic maximalism, set in a counterculture that would become the culture, because we remember what goes against the grain rather than the scratches that follow the height of the tree. Should probably take shrooms for this but it plays with time and motion enough to be disorienting totally sober

1.82GB | 1h 06m | 768×576 | mkv



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