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Pierre Clémenti – Positano (1969)

Positano is an island of the Amalfi Coast that Neptune would have, according to legend, created for the love of a nymph. And it is of love that this film speaks above all, a total and solar love in which family and friends are seized in the same poetic field. Perched on the rocks of the island, the house of Frédéric Pardo and Tina Aumont became in 1968 a meeting place for the underground community. Pierre Clémenti stays there for a while and makes images of dazzling sensuality. Beyond Pierre Clémenti’s intimate love of these faces and bodies often naked in this Mediterranean landscape, the film reveals the moving beauty of a utopia where living together could still be achieved in a territory of sharing and permanent creation. Flow of perceptions of consciousness, visual impressions, physical impregnations, the work of Pierre Clémenti is an ode to sensuality and “life-cinema”. For Clémenti, the main purpose of creation was to shake up the usual order of things by rubbing against the unknown. The act of creating would be “to be a virgin before the new, to do everything that one does as for the first time”. If Pierre Clémenti has never sounded his films-notebook life, it is because he has often preferred to confront the reality of live sound during his projections. Pierre Clémenti liked to share his works with his musical friends, to make projections of his films moments of life: they were often accompanied by sound performances.

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