Woody Allen – The Woody Allen Special (1969)

Here’s an edited synopsis from the website TV Party:
Promoted by Woody as “an hour of horny comedy,” the show was refreshingly adult by the standards of 1969 network TV. After wacky animated titles that depicted Allen as an astronaut, a guillotine victim and Virgil Starkwell, his Take The Money & Run character and after the first of 3 very funny Libby’s commercials featuring Tony Randall as detective Justice Dunn, the show opens with the monologue.

This was followed by the first of three hilarious skits that each feature a tall, busty, blonde 23 year old Candice Bergen who shows a true flair for comedy. She and Woody play actors in an off-Broadway drama on the first day of rehearsal.

After two songs by The Fifth Dimension comes the next skit, ‘Cupid’s Shaft’ a great spoof of silent movie comedies where Woody bears an astonishing resemblance to Harold Lloyd. With solo piano by Marvin Hamlisch and hints of Woody’s ‘later/serious’ films (black & white photography, sad ending) it’s a tale of the love that can never be between a street sweeper (Woody) and a rich girl (Candice).

A memorable 9 minutes in TV history followed when the paths of two significant figures in American culture would cross for the first and only time as Woody Allen interviewed Billy Graham.

The show ranks as Woody Allen’s crowing achievement in a medium he explored only briefly.

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