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Woody Allen – 60 Minutes and PEN Conference Raw Footage (1987)


In 1987, Woody Allen was at the height of his fame and adulation: he had just made one of his most popular and acclaimed films, Hannah and Her Sisters, and his relationship with Mia Farrow was the stuff of very carefully crafted legend. Promoting his new film, September, he was profiled for 60 Minutes talking about his work, his life, Farrow, and the upcoming birth of their first child. Like all 60 Minutes profiles, this one lasted about 20 minutes on air.

The first disc is almost two hours of Morley Safer’s interview with Woody. The second disc is a reading Woody gave at a 1987 PEN Conference. PEN is the International Association of Writers, devoted to creative rights and artistic freedom. At the event, Woody read some previously unpublished work from his notebooks and stories from his published collections, including the private eye spoof “Mr. Big” from the bestseller Getting Even. (A brief clip of the performance was shown on 60 Minutes.)
Although Woody is reading, his panache as a performer is very much present. This performance is the next best thing to his stand-up comedy routines of the 1960s.

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