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Andrzej Munk – Pamietniki chlopow AKA Peasant Diaries (1952)

About the movie:
In 1952 Andrzej Munk made PAMIETNIKI CHLOPOW [PEASANT DIARIES], a film that was meant, to put it briefly, to show what people were told to believe about the wonderful lives that Polish peasants led in post-war Poland. In his book ” Moja filmoteka. Kino polskie” [My Film Archive. Polish Cinema] Aleksander Jackiewicz wrote that though he found the film to lack a hint of a shadow on the picture of those times to make it truly authentic, as clearly People’s Poland could not include peasants who were not successful, even so one could find in it “a tiny bit of authenticity that was absent from the works of other directors”.

“Looking at us from the screen”, wrote Jackiewicz, “are not illustrations, but faces from the real world, and what flows from the loudspeakers are chaotic stories, tainted with the idyllic tone of their endings but still – not imagined”.

One could say that Munk at least partially managed to tear audiences away from the imaginary and non-existent world about which they were constantly told under Stalinism in Poland, and made to believe that they were living in a land of happiness, though at every step their everyday experience belied this fairy tale.

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