D.W. Griffith1921-1930DramaSilentUSA

D.W. Griffith – Orphans of the Storm [B&W] (1921)

Just prior to the French Revolution, Henriette takes step-sister Louise to Paris in hopes of curing her blindness. Lustful aristocrat de Praille has virginal Henriette abducted and brought to his estate, leaving Louise helpless in the big city. An honorable aristocrat (Schildkraut) helps Henriette escape from de Praille. Scoundrel Mother Frochard forces Louise to beg in the streets. Unable to find Louise, Henriette gives shelter to admirable politician Danton after he’s attacked, and she also runs afoul of radical revolutionary Robespierre.

2.30GB | 2h 29m | 678×458 | mkv


Language(s):English Intertitles

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