Kira Muratova2001-2010Short FilmUkraine

Kira Muratova – Kukla AKA Doll (2008)

Fraud has always been a burning issue. The story could have taken place in any era. But the very title – “The Doll”, that is, a fake wad of money – points to our times. The character in the film is a hilarious sadist. It’s a perversion of the psyche that borders on insanity: “I hate my ex-wife so much that I’ll pretend to ennoble her and actually play a trick on her.”

About happiness and different ways of thinking about it. What is happiness? Do we know how to give it to those around us? Is there a justification for trying to make people happy for a few hours, ignoring moral principles and deceiving them?

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210MB | 31m 59s | 854×480 | mkv,_2008).mkv


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