2001-2010DramaFranceMyriam Aziza

Myriam Aziza – La robe du soir AKA The Evening Dress (2009)

Juliette lives in a mundane housing development outside Paris with her two brothers and single mom. Director Aziza films the children in the contemporary Albert Camus school, where students are lively and attentive. Juliette’s class has the usual sexual curiosities, and Madame Solenska unhesitatingly turns remarks on menopause, oral sex, and even “teacher’s tits” into grammar exercises. Juliette becomes fascinated with Solenska; she’s thrilled when the teacher loans her a personal copy of The Lacemaker with its cover illustration of a nude young woman with her back to us, facing the sea. At home, Juliette studies the inscription on the title page from perhaps the teacher’s lover, its smudged pages, a single hair caught in the book’s spine, a hint of the teacher’s scent. The girl applies eyeshadow and tries on her mother’s bra, dress, perfume, heels… trying to picture her own adulthood.

856MB | 1h 35m | 720×306 | mkv



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