2001-2010KazakhstanNariman TurebaevShort Film

Nariman Turebaev – Antiromantika (2001)

Young man aged about twenty picks up a beautiful woman to love her for her money.
My favourite all time short film

I have seen this film in my competition at Cannes and 6 years ago and it still resounds for me as one of the most poignant short films I have ever seen.

It really is wonderful — the photography, the performance, the space. Such a simple interaction.

The story line in the catalogue sounds like it is a cliché…but the beautiful way it is made and the interaction makes this cinematic trope (prostitute and client) touching, funny and tender. For me — it was a crime the jury did not choose this for first prize. I would love to see Nairman’s feature very much.

58.4MB | 15m 31s | 450×360 | mkv


Subtitles:English (hardcoded)


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