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Vera Chytilová – Chytilova Versus Forman (1982)

In the early sixties, Vera Chytilova and Milos Forman were follow students at the Prague film school. Both were part of the Czech New Wave. Then Forman went to live and work in Hollywood, his colleague remaining in Europe.

The two had not been seen each other for ten years when they meet again for this portrait. The confrontational aspect is stressed by the title, after all their two careers could not be more different. Forman became one of the Hollywood Greats, whereas his compatriot aimed for something more subtle, closer to the cinema of discovery and experimentation. It is this clash between two often diametrically opposed filmic conceptions which here takes centre stage.

Chytilova follows Forman everywhere with her camera and tape recorder, from the shooting and editing of Ragtime to his house in Connecticut and the Chelsea Hotel. She bombards him with direct questions about his conception of life and cinematic creation, attempts to trap him or reveal contradictions in his outlook, addresses politics and the political film. But her adversary procrastinates, explains, dodges the issue, displaying intelligence, cunning and humour. It is an enthralling and finally undecided contest

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Language(s):English, French, Czech


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