1931-1940DramaJapanRomanceYasujirô Shimazu

Yasujirô Shimazu – Joriku dai-ippo AKA First Steps Ashore (1932)

Fascinating remake of Sternberg’s “Docks of New York.” The geometric and pictorial aspects, as in the case of many Japanese films, and especially those of this time period, fascinate as much as the story. The push/pull, attraction/repulsion dynamic of the romance between the lowly ship stoker and the “fallen woman” he rescues from drowning gives a charge to the claustrophobic confines of their scenes together. The fight scenes between the men fascinated me also: a chaotic melange of sprawling limbs, bodies leaping over one another, sharp jabs and uppercuts.

DVD Source: N/A (from Shochiku Home Video VHS)
DVD Format: NTSC
DVD Audio: Japanese Mono
Program: N/A
Menus: Generic Menu
Video: Untouched
Audio: Untouched
DVD extras: N/A



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