Yoshihiko Matsui1971-1980ExperimentalJapanQueer Cinema(s)

Yoshihiko Matsui – Sabita kankara AKA Rusty Empty Can [uncut version] (1979)

MatsuiI’s debut film, “Rusty Empty Can” (1979), was photographed by Sogo Ishii; nonetheless the film turned out to be a serious and emotionally painful one unlike Ishii’s speedy roller-coaster movies. The film which depicts a homosexual relationship was success at the many film festival held in Japan. “Rusty Empty Can” is still shown at theatres today as it has become the pioneer of cult movies with devoted fans and approval from Nagisa Oshima and Shuji Terayama.

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  1. Thank you is NOT enough!!
    You’re a master!
    Yoshihiko Matsui was devoted to Shuji Terayama – he showed this film to Terayama – he responded that it was a masterpiece. Terayama hated Matsui’s second film. Unfortunately he died before Noisy Requiem was finished.
    Thank you once again

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