1991-2000Anh Hung TranAsianShort FilmVietnam

Anh Hung Tran – La pierre de l’attente (1991)

-La pierre de l’attente (1991) about a girl who meets his future husband in a boat people camp. They later establish in France (Paris 13eme arrondissement, “our” Chinatown !), have a kid…but their serenity is broken when the man discovers a terrible secret… based on an old vietnamese tale…but I won’t describe it as it’ll spoil the film … and the secret mentionned

113MB | 20m 30s | 560×352 | avi

https://nitro.download/view/39164612F0FABF7/Tran_Anh_Hung_-_La_pierre_de_l’attente.avi https://nitro.download/view/A7921D4E232DEC4/Tran_Anh_Hung___La_pierre_de_l__attente_eng_subs.srt https://nitro.download/view/382AF6616091E7D/Tran_Anh_Hung_-_La_pierre_de_l’attente.srt

Subtitles:English,French only 80 lines !)


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