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Ann Hui – My Way (2012)

Ann Hui’s My Way—starring Francis Ng and Jade Leung—is about a pre-op transsexual man nervously waiting for his operation. It is a stylishly melancholic film, and defined by the moment when he goes to the hospital for the operation, goes to sleep in the male ward (next to a newspaper reading old man) and wakes as a woman in the female ward…and finally indulging in a smile of relief and happiness.

This film is part of Beautiful 2012, a series of four ‘micro-movies’ produced by Youku, China’s leading internet television site. At their core the four short films from award-winning Asian directors have the concept of ‘what is beautiful?’ while also mulling over life, death and unhappiness.
The other movies are:
Tsai Ming-liang’s Walker
Gu Changwei’s Longtou
Kim Tae-yong’s You Are More Than Beautiful

79.5MB | 20m 15s | 768×326 | mkv


Language(s):Cantonese (?)
Subtitles:English & Chinese hardsubs

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