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Arnaud Larrieu & Jean-Marie Larrieu – Les derniers jours du monde AKA Happy End (2009)

Robinson, appropriately named as we will soon discover, is on vacation in Biarritz with his wife. What follows is the story behind the loss of his arm, a story that becomes increasingly bizarre and eventually apocalyptic, leading us down a narrative path of labyrinthine complexity. The resulting film is an extraordinary feat of imagination and daring, set against the backdrop of a world on the verge of destruction.

Slant Magazine wrote:
Les Derniers Jours du Monde” is a very French take on the apocalypse theme, essentially a road movie, where the protagonist – aptly named Robinson, wanders through France and Spain searching for the woman he wants to spend his last few days with…

Societal rules and constraints gracefully fall away under pandemic duress, leaving only helter-skelter want and need, much of it so crazy that horror and humor blend into one, as during Robinson’s navigation of an Eyes Wide Shut orgy full of the desperate and gleefully debased.

It’s a wryly morose and achingly romantic portrait of a man and world torn asunder by love, and of the beautiful devastation wrought by clinging to unchecked desire all the way through to the bitter, incinerating nuclear fire End.

Adapted from a novel by Dominique Noguez the film has a humor and focus that grounds the chaotic pacing and makes this post-apocalyptic drama uniquely fascinating. The last scene in Paris is absolutely amazing, the perfect way to end this totally idiosyncratic doomsday daydream.

1.68GB | 2h 08mn | 718×436 | mkv


Subtitles:English here,Spanish,Dutch (vob/sub)

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