USA1991-2000Camille BillopsDocumentaryJames HatchThe Female Gaze

Camille Billops & James Hatch – Finding Christa (1991)

This startlingly personal documentary presents a moving yet unsentimental view of motherhood and adoption. It explores the feelings surrounding the reunion of a young woman with her birth mother twenty years after being given up for adoption. The reunion is between filmmaker Camille Billops and her own daughter, Christa. Facing the re-encounter with mixed emotions, Billops interrogates her family and friends as well as her own motivations. The result is an original and daring work that challenges social biases about adoption and offers new insight into mother-daughter relationships.

Winner of the 1992 Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary at Sundance.

705MB | 55m 13s | 720×540 | mkv,_1991).mkv

Subtitles:English Cc

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