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Ingmar Bergman – Sommarlek AKA Summer Interlude (1951) (HD)

A lonely woman recalls her first love thirteen years prior during a brief summer vacation.

9.83GB | 1h 36m | 1488×1080 | mkv



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  1. Thanks for posting these. Some very prominent and respected filmmaker of today (can’t recall who just now, but it was probably in a “making of” featurette interview, from a film that COTW posted) remarked that he doubted Bergman — that is, if Bergman were alive today, at that same age, with that same distinctive talent — could have gotten started in making these early films of his in the film world of today. Even apart from having the benefits of state subsidies and a Svenskfilmindustri. Because the film world of today is all about Marvel junk, Michael Bay, & etc., the arthouse cinemas and people paying to watch thought-required, subtitled films is all but extinct, so there is no place now for the sort of works that Bergman — and many others — brought us. And that is sad to contemplate.

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