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Jeff Frost – Flawed Symmetry of Prediction (2013)

As the shadow of night falls across the American West a lone man begins his work. Far from the confines, calamity, and culture of society, multimedia artist and storyteller Jeff Frost sifts through the visual dregs of places and people who once were.

Combining still and time-lapse photography with motion, music, and art, Frost reveals a world rarely seen. Rooted in science and the exploration of space, Frost’s work explodes with light, fire, and sound, utilizing 2D and 3D perspective, leading the viewer on a unique visual journey through worlds both real and imagined.

“Frost’s video footage of the desert and abandoned houses in the American Southwest is certainly stunning in its own right, but it was his incorporation of three perspective-bending optical illusions — and his use of time-lapse as a medium to expose the reality behind those illusions — that really sold us.”
– io9.com

“…a glimpse of a world without limits.”
– Brooklyn Street Art, Steven P. Harrington

“[Flawed Symmetry of Prediction] is a monumental thing.”
– Jeff Dunas, Palm Springs Photo Festival co-founder

– Vandalog.com

“Very creative and sick.”
– Tom Lowe, Astronomy Photographer of the Year

“Jeff Frost shows us the future of the 21st century book in his audio and visual feast, “Flawed Symmetry.”
– Eileen Gittins, Blurb Books CEO

“Jeff Frost is the author of this new video made frame called Flawed Prediction of Symmetry. She asked him several months of work plans, and melds contemplative and discrete graphics interventions.”
– allcityblog.fr, translated from French by Google

“A breathtaking combination of time lapse and 3D optical illusion.”
– Coilhouse Magazine + Blog

“Go away!”
– Allison Nazzareno, Hater

84.7MB | 4m 27s | 1280×720 | mkv



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