1961-1970ComedyCrimeFranceMichel Deville

Michel Deville – On a volé la Joconde AKA The Mona Lisa Has Been Stolen (1966)

The Mona Lisa is the most famous painting in the world, and the most alluring. As soon as Vincent sets eyes on this remarkable work of art he knows that he must possess it, which is not so unlikely as it seems because he is the most accomplished burglar in the world. Stealing valuable paintings is something that Vincent specialises in, so walking off with Da Vinci’s portrait of the woman with the inscrutable smile ought to be a doddle. First he needs a pretext for his frequent visits to the Louvre Museum, and this he obtains by getting himself taken on as an assistant to the picture framer Monsieur Lemercier. He also takes the trouble to strike up a friendly rapport with the man whose job it is to guard the coveted painting. How providential that, like Vincent, he should have a keen interest in chess.

Whilst dodging the unwelcome advances of Lemercier’s temperamental wife Titine, our hero discovers love – in the form of one of the residents of the brothel opposite his present lodgings. A stunning blonde, Nicole is as devilishly enchanting as La Gioconda and just as hard to get your hands on – as Vincent discovers when he tries to chat her up, unsuccessfully. Never one to give up, even when the odds are against him, Vincent agrees to meet up with her in three day’s time, at an inn near Avignon. This gives him just enough time to pull off the crime of the century – the theft of the Mona Lisa! Meanwhile, Nicole will be away in Normandy, on tour as an assistant to a stage magician named Merlin. Stealing the painting proves to be easier than Vincent had thought – he manages to distract the guard with a game of chess.

Leaving behind his usual signature, Romeo, the enterprising burglar is soon making a neat getaway, not knowing that he is being watched by two suspicious looking individuals. Clearly intent on recovering the painting for their own advantage, these two give chase and end up taking Nicole prisoner. She manages to escape and soon joins up with Vincent, who has the painting safely stowed away in his red suitcase. Hotly pursued by the police and some opportunistic crooks, Vincent and Nicole make a desperate bid for freedom, but through a series of mishaps the priceless artwork goes stray and finally ends up back where it started. Vincent doesn’t let this one failure get him down. He is still at liberty and has found himself a spunky accomplice who is every bit as valuable to him as the Mona Lisa. From now on, Vincent’s nefarious exploits will be signed Romeo and Juliet!

— James Travers.

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Subtitles:English (muxed)

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