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Peter Mettler – Picture of Light (1994)

PICTURE OF LIGHT (1994) feature documentary, takes a film crew to the Sub Artic to capture the wonder of the Northern Lights. While combining glimpses of the characters who live in this remote environment and the crew’s both comic and absurd attempts to deal with extremes, the film reflects upon the paradoxes involved in trying to capture the natural wonder of the Northern Lights on celluloid. Aurora Borealis…the lights with no bodies, pouring colours from the sky…images provided by nature more special than any special effect. Their majesty and their mystery lead the film to a most unexpected and haunting finale which considers the future of our relationship to technology and nature, in an increasingly artificial or “virtual” world. As well as winning “Best Film, Best Cinematography, &Best Writing” at the Hot Docs Festival in Toronto, PICTURE OF LIGHT went on to win “La Sarraz Prize” at the Locarno International Film Festival, in Switzerland and the “Grand Prize (Images & Documents)” at Figueira da Foz International Festival: and the “Award for Excellence” at the Yamagata International Documentary Festival. John Powers of Vogue Magazine said: “ An extraordinary piece if filmmakinf. In an era when only one movie in a hundred has a single moment of visionary power, Peter Mettler’s PICTURE OF LIGHT is bursting with them…this is a film that takes you places you have never been.”

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