René Féret – La communion solennelle AKA Solemn Communion (1977)

A solemn communion meal is the excuse to dwell in the collective memory of a family whose descendants are meeting today. The 60 actors of the film make us relive the adventures of the ancestors of these characters. The datings, wars, separations, betrayals, dramas, funny situations. Guests of the communion separate at the end of the film, but we know their origins: their memory was reconstructed before our eyes like a puzzle.

“Fifty actors, old veterans from the scene and the screen, young unknown comedians, beautiful amateurs, all melted in a stunning unity of style: that’s how I receive this film, one of the most remarkable I saw in a long time.” – Claude Chabrol

“There is some Zola, Maupassant and Renoir in Féret. Images painted by Renoir the father and filmed by Renoir the son.” – Michel Perez (Les Nouvelles Littéraires)

1.42GB | 1h 43m | 718×428 | mkv


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