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Ricky Lau – Gui yao gui AKA Close Encounters of the Spooky Kind 2 (1989)

Sammo Hung and Lam Ching Ying star in this misadventure into the world of the undead. This is one on the many films that Sammo and Lam did in Lams Horror/Comedy series of films, They also worked on some other HK classics together both serious and comedy/horror.The film starts with Sifu and Sammo and the girl running and hiding. Sammo and the girl hide in an old building to be almost immediately haunted by a hopping vampire that’s not very friendly, there Sammo smokes opium with the ghoul and the stage is set for monster mayhem HK style with comedy and horror galore. I really liked the sets in this film as well as the special effects, I cant tell much on the story so as not to ruin the plot for you. This film is highly recommended and is not for the squeamish if you don’t like bugs you will be in horror watching this film. The Kung Fu mortal vs. vampire scenes are great. A must have file for HK Horror enthusiasts. This is the 2nd Spooky encounter film made by Sammo and Starring Sammo Hung. Beware of the hopping Undead.

2.00GB | 1h 34m | 704×544 | mkv



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