1991-2000AsianHorrorJapanToshiharu Ikeda

Toshiharu Ikeda – Chigireta ai no satsujin aka. Evil Dead Trap 3: Broken Love Killer (1993)

The third entry in the unrelated series which began with Shiryo No Wana, Toshiharu Ikeda’s bloody horror film deals with a policewoman (Megumi Yokoyama) investigating the apparent suicide of a college coed. The prime suspects include the girl’s professor, who may have been having an affair with her, and the professor’s wife, who frequents lesbian bars. Gruesome axe murders and mutilations ensue, leading Yokoyama to a shocking discovery. Less grisly than its predecessors, this installment is perhaps the best-scripted of the three.

1.65GB | 1h 41mn | 680×448 | mkv



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