Toshiharu Ikeda – Sukeban mafia: Rinchi AKA Sukeban Mafia (1980)

Toshiharu Ikeda made his directorial debut in 1980 with SUKEBAN MAFIA, a pinku eiga set around high school girls. After the opening requisite showdown between the female lead Onichan and one of the toughs from the local gang we witness one of the more brutal punishments you’ll see in anything pink. The Sukeban Mafia, the name the girl gang has chosen, not proper yakuza, invite Onichan and Miki to join them. First stop, working their prostitution ring. Miki is captivated by the power of the gang and ready to please but Onichan isn’t impressed. Of course the Sukeban Mafia will tolerate nothing less than complete devotion and the trouble begins…

1.07GB | 1h 08mn | 720×360 | mkv


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