1931-1940ClassicsJapanRomanceYasujirô Shimazu

Yasujirô Shimazu – Watashi no niisan AKA My elder Brother (1934)

Kazuo Hasegawa has wild friends and hates being compared to his stepbrother, Reikichi Kawamura, who is steady, works hard at his taxicab business, and is amiable. That’s why he left home a year ago. Now he has heard his mother is ill, and wants to come home, but thinks she hates him. That’s nonsense, says Kawamura. Hasegawa agrees to reform. Just then two men come in and want to hire a cab. Everyone has gone home for the evening, so Hasegawa shows his willingness to reform by taking the fare. They drive to a distant house. They ask him to wait. While he does so, Kinuyo Tanaka pops out, begs him to help her escape. He does so. The two men are her step-brother, and the man everyone wants her to marry…. except her, of course.

It’s a pleasant enough comedy, with Hasegawa overacting up a storm, Miss Tanaka being exceedingly cute, and Kawamura saying all the right things. It won’t win over any fans, but it’s a good programmer.

338MB | 1h 09m | 720×480 | mkv



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