1971-1980Ababacar Samb-MakharamAfrican CinemaDramaSenegal

Ababacar Samb-Makharam – Kodou (1971)

A young girl, Kodou, submits herself, somewhat out of bravado, to a tattooing practice. But in the middle of the ceremony, and while the matrons are singing to her, Kodou runs away – a serious offence to the age-old traditions of the village. Kodou’s family feels discredited, her friends make fun of her. Confined to a quasi-quarantine, Kodou goes mad and violently attacks the young children. Her parents end up taking her to a psychiatric hospital run by a European doctor, but to no avail. They then decide to submit her to a traditional exorcism session. Then Kodou is brought back home. Will she be cured?

4.71GB | 1h 25m | 716×570 | mkv


Language:Wolof (dialogues), French (credits)

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