1971-1980Derek JarmanExperimentalShort FilmUnited Kingdom

Derek Jarman – The Art of Mirrors (1973)

The Art of Mirrors is an abstract film made in 1973 by director, Derek Jarman. The film, shot in super 8 features figures moving in the foreground and background of an empty space holding mirrors which occasionally flash in the lens of the camera. The images portrayed in the film are reminiscent of Jarman`s Abstract Landscape paintings of the same period. In his diary Jarman wrote of this film, `this is only something that could only be done on a Super 8 camera, with it`s built in meters and effects.` The film`s title was reworked in the script for `Dr Dee The Art Of Mirrors and The Summoning Of Angels` in 1975.

78.7MB | 5m 51s | 698×576 | mkv



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