2001-2010AdventureBelgiumEric PauwelsExperimental

Eric Pauwels – Les films rêvés aka Dreamt films (2010)

Un jour, un homme, un cinéaste fait un rêve: il rêve qu’il fait un film qui contiendrait tous les films qu’il a rêvés de faire.

Les Films rêvés is in no way a nostalgic inventory of films yet to be made, nor a catalogue of immensely captivating stories, but rather the persistent questioning of a unique instance that is at the same time one of the personality’s essential components, without which sight is blind, a condition for humanity’s development and the source of all artistic creation: the dream and its corollary, paradise. Impossible to travel round the world without one’s double, a precondition for dreams. Imagination alone creates life—when it not busy saving it. With excerpts from the author’s previous films, borrowed images, fragments of fiction and oblique references to Hollywood… we travel a great deal in Films rêvés, but these are trompe-l’oeil journeys. (Yann Lardeau)

2.75GB | 2h 59m | 648×516 | mkv


Subtitles:English custom,French custom

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