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Guido Zurli – La vergine di Bali AKA The Virgin of Bali (1972)

Bali-Archipelago-thrills from director Guido Zurli who also gave us the urban cannibal
flick Lo Strangolatore di Vienna. In La Vergine di Bali, an English gentleman banker gets
fed up with the London city rat race and ventures to Bali to find the meaning of life.
Which, by the way seems to include severe alcoholism, brawls, harassing prostitutes,
playing with local kids on the beach and making disparaging comments to anyone trying
to talk to you. Soon the novelty wears off with the local Police, who makes our hero(?)
an ultimatum: Get a job or go home. Said and done, the Englishman takes up employment
with a local booze distributor named Fatso(!). But after getting it on with Fatso’s wife, it
seems his employer is out to kill him. But Fatso’s half hearted attempts at assassination
fails, and after a failed leisure cruise which ends in a shipwreck, it turns out that fatso is
in the gold smuggling racket, and that our guy got his employment to spy on Fatso for the
local 5-0. It all ends in a shoot out at sea over the sunken gold and our Englishman finds
love in, yes, the virgin of Bali (who by the way is English). …But is he willing to give up
his newfound lifestyle for love? All in all this is an enjoyable flick if you are able to over
look the fact that the Englishman is seriously annoying and possibly one of the most
charmless leads you’ll see. A lot of film stock is spent on what I guess Guido Zurli
categorizes as Bali’s “weird-goings-on”, adding up as colorful documentary footage of
traditional theater, bull racing and religious festivities. And I must say the smuggler
subplot comes across fairly well handled but what makes this film is the fact that it
positively reeks with 70’s exploitation charms. So if you think you’re up for that, give it a
chance, they certainly don’t make ’em like this anymore.

895MB | 1h 28m | 544×320 | avi


Language:English Dub
Subtitles:Greek Hardcoded

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