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Robert Altman – The Long Goodbye [4K Restoration] (1973)

Private investigator Philip Marlowe helps a friend out of a jam, but in doing so gets implicated in his wife’s murder.

+Commentary by film historian Tim Lucas

9.05GB | 1h 52m | 1280×536 | mkv



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  1. I have great respect for Tim Lucas, which may be enough reason to revisit this.

    In a very good interview — I think it may have been in an excellent defunct Canadian film magazine, Take One — screenwriter
    Leigh Brackett related how it was her and Altman’s intent to upend the venerable hard-boiled private eye genre, to sardonically stand it on its head. At that they succeeded admirably, but many fiction and film aficionados or fans of the traditional genre just hated this ! Marlowe here is a tool, pretty much an archaic relic, jerked around and on the receiving end of various insults and ignominies. I was probably in their number at the time in disliking the film, but over the ensuing years I’ve become more able to see it both ways, and to appreciate their efforts.

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