2001-2010DramaSang-soo HongShort FilmSouth Korea

Sang-soo Hong – Cheopcheopsanjung AKA Lost in the Mountains (2009)

On impulse, a young woman drives from Seoul to see her best friend, but also meets up with her older professor, and then a former lover. Drinks ensue, and surprises are revealed for all four characters. Hong packs a lot into a 31 minute film.

661MB | 31m 29s | 714×480 | mkv



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  1. This short is part of the 2009 Jeonju Digital Project, which consists also of Kawase’s “Koma” and Diaz’s “Butterflies Have No Memories,” both of which are in the World’s Cinema collection (although Lav Diaz’s film is here in the longer director’s cut).

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