Suneil Sanzgiri2021-2030DocumentaryExperimentalUSA

Suneil Sanzgiri – Golden Jubilee (2021)

What is liberation when so much has already been taken? Who has come for more? Golden Jubilee takes as its starting point scenes of the filmmaker’s father navigating a virtual rendering of their ancestral home in Goa, India, created using the same technologies of surveillance that mining companies use to map locations for iron ore in the region. A tool for extraction and exploitation becomes a method for preservation. The father, sparked by a memory of an encounter as a child, inhabits the voice of a spirit known locally as Devchar, whose task is to protect the workers, farmers, and the once communal lands of Goa.

682MB | 18m 53s | 1920×1080 | mkv

Subtitles:English hard

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