1991-2000DramaTurkeyYavuz Özkan

Yavuz Özkan – Bir Erkeğin Anatomisi (1997)

Taner is an upscale and successful Istanbul lawyer, but somewhat unhappy in his private life. One day he takes the trial of an underground guy, who gives him a file full of sensitive information regarding the connections between police and mafia and asks him to release it to the media if he ever disappears. At a time he hasn’t heard from this underground guy for several months, some unpleasant people enter his office and threaten him to give them the file. He is astonished after taking a look at the file himself, and believes it would be more of a merit to open up the file to the public thus revealing the dirty connections, even though that is subject to threaten his life. On the run forced by this event, he gets the ultimate chance to evaluate the people around him and tell the true ally from the fake. Meanwhile, he forms an interesting bond with a dj lady on the radio by calling her virtually every night and saying extreme things on the phone. Whilst scared to death, he’s also very happy with what he’s doing. However, his packaged rebellion won’t suffice to save the world, and things won’t be as easy as he would have hoped.

700MB | 1h 37m | 512×400 | avi



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