2001-2010Anne-Sophie RouvilloisFranceRomanceShort Film

Anne-Sophie Rouvillois – La proposition AKA The Proposal (2009)

This is therefore the latest film shot for the Rohmer Company, a short film of fifteen short minutes, relatively anecdotal in its development but which has at least the merit of reminding us how much Rohmer was the filmmaker of women, never ceasing to film them with grace and nuance. Here it is simply a cut-out, like the ten other shorts in this box set. Yet it is as if one feels a return of Reinette and Mirabelle, in their complicity as in their antagonism; a long introduction follows a discussion they hold on nudity, as a rampart or representation, sliding towards their vision of modesty and puritanism. As a provocation to her friend, one chooses to pose nude for a painter. And if the last scene encloses her in a tasty misunderstanding (again, a theme dear to Rohmer), one will essentially note this absolute nudity, in front of a mirror, which the staging chooses to offer us in a single shot. Rohmer had never dared to film this so closely. Anne-Sophie Rouvillois gave him this gift, as a farewell, in short.

145MB | 15m 24s | 536×572 | mkv



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