1951-1960Astrid Henning-JensenDenmarkDrama

Astrid Henning-Jensen – Paw AKA Boy of Two Worlds (1959)

The orphaned Paw (Sterman), ‘a Boy of Two Worlds,’ is imported to Denmark from the West Indies to live with his aunt. His natural inclination for the Great Outdoors is bolstered by the bullying and misunderstanding he meets in his new rural community, and after an apprenticeship with the local poacher, he goes to ground like a fox. Partly a plea for innocence, tolerance and reconciliation, the film is determined to find common ground for its various village factions, but its ambivalence about the natural order of hunter and prey makes intriguing drama, and the director’s nature documentary approach, constantly cutting away to local animal life, adds a certain contemplative depth.

3.28GB | 1h 28m | 1792×1078 | mkv


Subtitles:English,Danish (for English parts only)

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