Binka Zhelyazkova – Golyamoto noshtno kapane AKA The Big Night Bathe (1980)

Friends of different generations, practicing different professions, spend together their summer holidays at the seaside every year. It is sunny; they look carefree and happy. They know each other very well, they are used to each other. To such an extent, that bore becomes inevitable. It is boredom that incites them to play a dangerous game. The end is dramatic: a young boy gets killed. It is the moment to draw the bottom line. The question is: Isn’t the death of the spirit worse than of the body?

Every year, a group of friends from different professions and of different ages spend together on the beach as a “summer family”, preparing for a party they have invented. No one expects this to end fatally… The “family” falls apart before the moment of reckoning. Everyone seeks his justification. Some find it, others do not, but everyone understands that the spiritual laziness can be worse than death.

2.23GB | 2h 37m | 700×572 | mkv


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  1. Muchas gracias por esta película.

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