1971-1980ActionChatrichalerm YukolThailand

Chatrichalerm Yukol – Grounded God AKA Earth Angel (1975)

Toi, a drug trafficker, is being chased by the police, as he meets on the run Phol and Nong. The three become a team of robbers, who robs and kills whenever and wherever they wish. Someone names them “The Earth Angels” team. They go down south, recruit a couple more guys and rob a bank. One night while the team happily celebrates their band’s job, the police force raids their place and kills them all one by one. They are not really “Angel” after all.

6.78GB | 2h 33m | 1920×1080 | mkv




  1. Hello, would it be possible to upload this film on fikper as well? I’d greatly appreciate it since I’m subscribed on there. Thank you.

  2. we are grateful for all those films you make available but, please, what is the use of posting foreign movies without english subtitles?

    1. Don’t get frustrated. With a bit of search online we can find the subs for these films ourselves. They’re doing a decent job as it is.

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