1971-1980Coni BeesonShort FilmUSA

Coni Beeson – The Letter (1980)

A symbolic rape by the Devil and a renewal of self worth.

141.5MB | 13m 06s | 640×480 | mkv




    1. One might imagine that someone, somewhere, sometime must have written a decent article / bio / profile / monograph on her and her work . . . but I have yet to find it. (Perhaps as some academic dissertation for a Master’s Degree that won’t show up in conventional searches ?) Will also have to make some deep dive into those great collections that were so generously provided to us here by COTW, https://worldscinema.org/2020/12/film-quarterly-complete-archive-1945-2011/ & https://worldscinema.org/2015/11/various-bfi-film-classics-series-154-titles-1992-2015/ in case there may be anything there on Beeson, as well as check through my Magill’s reference volumes. The latter can be found at many better public libraries.

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