1961-1970ArthouseBelgiumDramaHarry Kümel

Harry Kümel – Monsieur Hawarden (1968)

Monsieur Hawarden, accompanied by his beautiful maid Victorine, arrives to stay at a remote farmhouse in the Ardennes. The household retainers gossip about the newcomers and develop rivalries over Victorine which end in her death. Hawarden leaves for Spa and resumes ‘his’ true identity, that of Meriora Gillibrand, daughter of Viennese aristocrats, has a brief affair with an officer, and returns – as Hawarden again – to the French farm… Filmed with a cool, stylish elegance and an eye for period detail, this deliberately slow-paced film unfolds in the manner of a mystery story.

1.59GB | 1h 42m | 700×572 | mkv



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