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Jirí Trnka – Kybernetická babicka AKA The Cybernetic Grandmother (1962)

Trnka took a turn into Space Age sci-fi surrealism with this dark, dystopian satire on automatization in which a child traverses a forbidding technological wasteland to meet (surprise!) her uncanny new robotic grandmother.

463MB | 29m 30s | 700×480 | mkv


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  1. Thank you Admin!

    Kybernetická Babicka is one of Trnka’s finest moments. It amazes me how much expression he gets from his wooden puppets with their fixed faces, through such subtle physical gestures they are nearly not there. The Cybernetic Grandmother herself, with her oscillator mouth and sinister Hammond undertones, is hauntingly psychotic. And that graveyard of the combustion age the granddaughter walks through, on her way to the huge alienated monoliths of the AI world!

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